Café Mami 100% Puro / 8.8oz (Ground Coffee)

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Tamaño: 8.8 oz.
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Cafe MAMI, 100% Puerto Rican Premium Ground Coffee. MADE IN PUERTO RICO - Café Mami has a dark medium brown roast that has made Puerto Rican quality coffee famous. The coffee Facility in the municipality of Arecibo is the most modern in Puerto Rico and is on par with the best in the world, with modern quality control systems, assisted by a complete laboratory. The vacuum-sealed packaging (Brick) guarantees freshness, flavor and taste for much longer. The Cafe Mami Coffee is 100% premium, harvested in the mountains of Puerto Rico by local farmers. Contains a blend of the finest Arabica beans, has great flavor with varying shades, more body and aroma. Leaves satisfying taste in the mouth.

8.8 oz. (250g)

14 oz. (397g)

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